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Interesting facts about real estate crowdfunding Gower Crowd


I will say both fundrise and realty mogul will pay you and return your calls. I have 6 investments within the CS universe across a variety of CRE deals. Most of my experiences have been ok, however customer support for a deal that turns out to have been done by an SEC reporting company is pathetic at best and e-mails to CS have gone into a black hole with no answer. The real issue is the sponsor which claims they can not deal with us and we have to go read their 10-Q quarterly filings, which are just this side of useless. I have told that CS should tell us upfront as part of the sales process about these sorts of hurdles to discover what is going on with a deal so an investor can avoid this situation if warranted. The current lack of response from CS about this particular deal is concerning and aggravating.

  • As noted above, real estate has always been ‘crowdfunded’ in one way or another, but more importantly, the 2012 JOBS Act was negotiated, lobbied for, and passed without a single nod to the real estate industry.
  • Not only will you be able to pursue your projects more efficiently, you’ll also gain access to a much wider network of investors.
  • A substantial share of these investors are women, relative to traditional real estate investor demographics.
  • If you experience is less than 10 years old, then you have not a downturn so taking my course will help you gain the insights that only going through several downturns can give.

Every year at Thanksgiving for the last 15+ years, my in-laws have landed an amazing smoked turkey onto the festive table and this year I decided to ask the man himself, Sam Greenberg, Chief Turkey Officer at Greenberg Smoked Turkey, to tell me his story. And from surviving devastating fires to featuring on Oprah’s show, what a perfect holiday story it turned out to be. Discover how smoking turkeys for a living can give you the perfect dream life (just work insanely hard for three months of… Real estate has always been a leading way to make money, so add more of it to your portfolio when you can. We all bring a deep set of experiences in a variety of industries, so our leadership team has our eyes wide open about what it takes to bring this massive opportunity to market.


All projections or investments are subject to risk due to uncertainty and change, including the risk of loss, and past performance is not indicative of future results. You should make independent decisions and seek independent advice regarding investments or strategies mentioned on this website. And you can access the entire program right here so you can find prospects, and convert them into being deep pocketed, repeat investors in your deals. You’ll find podcasts with developers, researchers, professors and other industry experts, detailed articles, and lots of videos, both short and long that are all easily searchable and totally free. When you think of the typical real estate investor, you might think of someone who’s in their 50s or 60s – someone who has an established career and has already done well for themselves. You might also be picturing men, particularly white men.

  • Crowdfunding syndications go back far further than even the 1933 Securities Act.
  • They have educational resources for everyone from a beginner to experienced investors.
  • And, I’ve always been an entertaining presenter because I realized that, you know, numbers are boring so you really have to break it down to something that people can understand.
  • Jason Fritton’s story in Chapter 13 is that of the only non-real estate entrepreneur to see an opportunity to change the way that real estate gets financed.

So one day, she jumped ship and went full time to build her group travel business so she could live the life she wanted; make a living travelling the world, and being in charge of her own fate while doing what she loved the most. Commercial real estate is something that completely surrounds us–it’s literally everything that isn’t your house–and yet, most people have never considered investing in it simply because they didn’t know they could, let alone where to start. Commercial real estate can be a solid investment, but it can be tough to get started.

Phil Anderson – Founder, Property Sharemarket Economics

Interesting Facts About Real Estate Crowdfunding Gower Crowd, 100% of everything you see on that website – the website design itself, and layouts and structures, entirely GowerCrowd. And the entirety of the education and video pages. You can also go and have a look at YouTube, and then check out LinkedIn and Twitter and everything and just see how this machine works; you can see it in action. I’m gonna give you a case study your listeners can actually go and take a look at if you like in a minute, but think of it this way… It used to be that it was mandatory to have a business card; how old school is that? But nothing’s really changed since the website. If you are assuming that cap rates are gonna continue to compress, you’re probably making a mistake, especially now, this stage of the cycle.

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